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Jean-Claude Bélégou work in progress : FRAGMENTS 2017


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"... This rapture of attention by the life that is there before the gaze, the almost intoxicating effort to close it closely, the passionate, passionate struggle of the artist's hand against the visible reality ... These satisfactions that overthrow a little the draftsman behind him, and make him gaze for a moment, in a recoil, at what he thinks he has felt, rendered, conquered, of his model. »(Jules and Edmond de Goncourt)

What more can be said and better? Body Fragments, Snatches of Lives ...

Surely not, as I read on tweets that this "transports us into the delicacy of the female body" or "tells the fragile woman" that is to say, some clichés that ignore the photograph as much as they ignore the reality of body (and women).

F 2.8 could thus have been the title of this series: close-up, small depth of field, square format, gray and soft daylight, backlight, all this photographic vocabulary developed by the years (19) 20. But it is well known that "the finger shows the moon, the idiot looks at the finger" and the more the average cultural level declines more the reference function of the image is only to be seen and again, distorted through the prism of a media vocabulary. Yes "topless" was Venus, did I hear recently ...

As Degas stop exposing and showing, weary of nonsense and stupidity? Not so long ago I read that my series The Humbles was a set of photographs taken in an abandoned house ... Trust the media! This is where I live and my daily environment, I was careful to specify. For a long time we have seen, if we can call it seeing, in Matisse an erotic and decorative painter ...

Colors digital, print with archival inks 60 x 90 cm printed by the artist, limited editions, delivered matted, numbered and signed..