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Jean-Claude Bélégou The Revenge of the FleshFUGITIVES(2001/2002)


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At the time this work was being done, three other series were on their go. « Fugitives» has been created at the Galerie Duchamp, in Yvetot, and two works of that same period of time (« Artists and models » and « The lost paradises ») were coupled with it.
This work is about bodies and the prints they leave along life. It pictures bodies as absurd envelops, full of the other's disappearance, breakings, desertions, perfidies.

Galerie Duchamp, Yvetot ; Musée Des Beaux-Arts, Shanghai ; Galerie Municipale Du Château D'eau, Toulouse.


Colors digital, print with archival inks 60 x 60 cm printed by the artist, limited editions ,delivered matte, numbered and signed ; et 102 x 102 cm printed by l'atelier Franck Bordas, (high-quality scanning of 120 film format 6x6 cm Ektachrome).