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Jean-Claude Bélégou photography and autobiography THE GLORY OF THE WORLD (1999/2000)


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Triangular relation between the body in movement, in a state of frantic agitation; mediatic marks of the mondialist violence; and the subject at work.
This work, named with an obvious ironic title, gathers three groups of images echoeing each other, answering on to another in there scriptural form.
Others, the world and me. Since his first exhibitions and books, Jean-Claude Bélégou has always confronted images with words: different types of texts (manifests, analysis, critics, fictions, didactics) dealing with images made by other photographs or part of his own work. Texts had a physical presence during exhibitions and performances: framed, lying on the ground , recorded, read aloud. Or even photographed: details of letters, maps, note-books, books... He is here continuing this work by taking pictures of newspapers.
Photographies and graphies. writtings on papers (the material aspect of paper, typography). Printed: news reported in dayly newspapers discribing the state of a mondialized world. Tiny bits of sentences are isolated on rumpled paper with effects of lights and shadows, exposures, centring or focus.
What we know from the state of the world is, as a result, reduced to an ideologic discourse conveyed through the compulsory instrumentality of the media.
Are also associated, grimacing selportraits and portraits, distorted, tortured, sneering, talking...
Strobo(photo)graphies (distortion of movements and superposition by several flash exposures) of tenuous or unbinded movements of a face or a body jumping, running, dancing, agitating itself within the frantic agitation of the world.
The state of physical body, binded within the contradiction of its own nature: the body as an object, and the body able of liberty and irrationality.

la gloire du monde, Black and white photographies on double-weight, fiber-based paper 20 x 30 cm printed by the artist, limited editions, delivered matted, numbered and signed.