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Jean-Claude Bélégou Nevermore : HUMBLES 2015


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Following upon The Things (2005) and upon objects of the journey (presents in Faces in 1990 and especially The Imaginary journey in 1992) The Humble is a new series of still lives realized in 2015 inside the inhabited house. I explore the simple, sometimes precarious and derisory objects there, carrying their marks of use often, radiating in the light, rich in their geometries and in their volumes, which are at the same time the sediment and the compost of an everyday life. Books, rules and scissors, boxes and jars, tables and grounds, lamps and linen in which is connected our existence, on which it rests, fastens, is sometimes amazed as she watches the light during the day penetrating, turning in the space and disappearing. These things which we disdain so frequently.

Impressions pigment ink jet 61 x 61 cm by the artist from digital photos.