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Jean-Claude Bélégou praise of loveDESTINIES (2008/2010)



Recent works have been the occasion of a turn into digital shooting as well as a coming back to the 24x36 format.
Jean-Claude Bélégou focuses on the issue of everyday life, as he was used to in previous periods. He is interested in magnifying , transfiguring  our vision of common life.
« In this work, I am always part of the image, side by side with the woman, but not directly standing in front of her. These are not proper selportraits although my body appears bits by bits, most of the time at the front of the picture.
In addition to my hands and legs, I manipulate objects such as books, flowers, glaces that come into the image. To some occasions, my shadow is the only sign of my presence.
« Destinies » deals with the issue of coupledom as much as it does with the issue of subjectivity through the inward vision point of view.
This is my world as I see it from my eyes, a vision  which always bumps into my body, into the subject himself.

This place of the subject into reality is forgotten on purpose in the occidental tradition as if the stand point of an image was unlocated, universal, and, to some extents, divine. Here, the point of vew is human, definitly human. »

Colors digital, print with archival inks 60 x 90 cm printed by the artist, limited editions ,delivered matted, numbered and signed.