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Jean-Claude Bélégou praise of love THE BEAUTIFUL DAYS (2008/2010)



« I am looking for simple things, I believe always more simple.  I have no vocation to put myself at the service of an ideology, however honnest and good it may be. The growing subordination of art to culture, that is to say to political norms, does not cease to scare me. To me, it open gates towards the worst  perspective : « petit bourgeois » art, democratisation and massification of culture. An art made of short ideas able to give the illusion of intelligence to its publics, in other words, demagogy.
« Beautifull days », probably as well as all the other works of that same period constitutes this search for humility, for what there is no need to talk about. Everything in the picture has been carefully arranged and fitted together, like I am used to. I compose the image entirely, from the colors of the walls to the slightest gadgets. I pay a particular attention to clothing as well. The more my work progresses, the more my images become paintings where life is shown in the most straightforward manner possible.This work was created at the same time than « Destinies ». As a result, it is also a work dealing with coupledom.

Colors digital, print with archival inks 60 x 90 cm printed by the artist, limited editions, delivered matted, numbered and signed d'après originaux argentiques.