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Jean-Claude Bélégou in progress: AND OUR STEPS...



And our steps side by side on the paths is a series of landscapes photographed according to the seasons, along the river. It is these paths carved into a vegetation left to itself, aunes, oaks, willows and birch trees, between the bleeding of bright light from the running water and the darker remains of the reed beds, abandoned to the boars, and deers, whose passage is, in the muddy banks, plowed by the sources, daily traced. Is it still appropriate to speak of landscape or fragments and fragments of nature? But these paths are also, and perhaps especially, as the note, at the head of his Notebooks, Julien Gracq about his paths, those of the dream and the memory, memories of a time when I walked them formerly in connivance and counting ...

Colors digital, print with archival inks 60 x 60 cm printed by the artist, limited editions, delivered matted, numbered and signed..