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L'évidence du corps / The obviousness of the body
De modernes odalisques / Modern odalisques
Le déjeuner sur l'herbe /The luncheon on the grass
Artiste et Modèle(s) / Artist and Models
Passagères / Fleetings

Jean-Claude Bélégou 2000/2004 La revanche de la chair /

In the year 2000, Jean-Claude Bélégou is back to the colour squared photographies of his beginnings. Since 2000 he continues his colour work realized on films which are then digitalized. His colour works are as much preoccupated with the lessons of the history of Photography, than with the lessons of the history of painting. His work is charaterized by its sensuality and influenced in its form by a realistic approach.
In 2005, Jean-Claude Bélégou takes part to the exhibition Paris in Shangai, Third Generation organized by the European House of Photography in Paris.