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Jean-Claude Bélégou 1975/1984 intimité et mélancolie/
Intimacy and melancholy

In 1969, Jean-Claude Bélégou begins to practice photography on a regular basis, and from 1970 onwards, devotes himself to creation. At the same time, he militates in the continuation of May 1968 and pursues his degree of Philosophy and History of Art and Archeology at the Sorbonne university. He specializes in Aesthetic and dedicates his master dissertation on photography in 1976.
Standing aside from his generation very much influenced by American photography, Jean-Claude Bélégou refuses the neo-positivist experience of documentary style as much as the legacy of humanist photography. The German photography of the twenties (Bauhaus, Neue Sehen, Neue Sachlickheit, August Sander) had a strong artistical impact on him.
In 1980, Jean-Claude Bélégou begins to show his work . He is also involved in the first meetings of photography publishing during the Month of Photograhy of that same year. He is immediatly acknowledged by Claude Nori, Edouard Boubat, Christian Caujolle...
While continuing his photographic work, Jean-Claude Bélégou creates the association Photographies & Co in May 1982 whithin which he organizes exhibitions, talks, seminars, publishings, trainings, writings on other photographs, always willing to combine theoretical search and work of creation.