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Le voyage imaginaire / The imaginary journey
De tous les jours / Of every day
Erres/Vers le Grand Nord / Heading for the Far North
Le territoire / The territory
La mer / The sea
Le corps / The body
Les amants / The lovers
Premiers visges / First faces
Visages / Faces

Jean-Claude Bélégou 1989/2000 "photobiographie" / PHOTOBIOGRAPHY

1990 : Creative stay in Italy (Faces with the support of the National Commission for photography of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Directorate' of Cultural Affrairs of the city of Paris, Aurillac's ADACA). Winner of the New Cosmos of Photography selected by Araki.
In 1992, winner of the Villa Medicis prize for creative stay abroad, awarded by the French foreign office.
In 1992, creative stay in Scandinavia: Erres, Heading For The Far North. The French review of photgraphy Les cahiers de la Photographie dedicated him two publications of their editions (N° 26 in 1992 and N°29 in 1994) associating texts to photographies.
In 1990/91, teaches photography at Photos studies in france, and from 1992 to 1995, gives lectures on the theory of Aesthics in the Department of Arts of the Sorbonne University.
Teaches the history of photography at the University of Rouen , and gives workshops in his own workroom.
Following his fondness for writing, he devotes himself to his first novel : Ibidem between 1994 and 1996.
In 1999, the Gallery Le Château d'eau in Toulouse dedicates him an important retrospective exhibition gathering photographies from the past twenty years (catalog).





















Nus 1989/1990




















































































La gloire du monde / The Glory of the world