Jean-Claude Bélégou Digital cinema 2017

Les rapports de Jean-Claude Bélégou avec l'image animée remontent à sa prime jeunesse. Il participe en 1970/72 au groupe de travail de l'Unité cinéma de la Maison de la Culture du Havre animé par Vincent Pinel et Christian Zarifian, y réalise un court métrage 16 mm et un photo-roman "À propos des deux cris jaillis d'une même bouche : Ce qu'on est bien là dans tes bras et Faut que ça change" . En 1990 le groupe Noir Limite collabore avec Pierre Bongiovanni au Centre International de Création Vidéo autour de la création Corps à corps. En 2015 crée ses "petites histoires du cinéma". Réalise ses premiers films numériques en 2017 au sein de sa propre structure d'auto-production «Ite missa est». Étrenge contemporénéïté le tête dans les écrans, le monde est-il devenu si insupportable que nous péférions la fiction, le virtuel au réel?

Cinéma numérique plutôt que vidéo, s'il y avait des références à chercher elles seraient du côté des premiers Alain Resnais, de Dziga Vertov, de Godard, de Chantal Akerman, mais aussi de Rohmer.

Jean-Claude Bélégou's relationship with the animated image goes back to his youth. In 1970/72, he participated in the working group of the Cinema Unit of the Maison de la Culture du Havre, animated by Vincent Pinel and Christian Zarifian, and directed a short film 16 mm and a photo-novel "About the two cries of the same mouth: What is said there in your arms and that it must change ". In 1990 the group Noir Limite collaborated with Pierre Bongiovanni at the International Center for Video Creation around the Creation Corps à corps. In 2015 creates his "little stories of cinema". Produced his first digital films in 2017 in his own self-production "Ite missa est". Strange contemporary heads in the screens, has the world become so unbearable that we perfever fiction, the virtual to the real?

Digital cinema rather than video, if there were references to the search for themselves on the side of the early Alain Resnais, Dziga Vertov, Godard, Chantal Akerman, but also Rohmer.


the sun will not rise

THE SUN WILL NOT RISE (Le soleil ne se lèvera pas) Second philosophical meditation around a nightmarish extract of the work of David Hume : An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding. Short film 10 minutes.


ACTA FABULA EST (La pièce est jouée) From an illiterate reading of Suetonius's account of the heroic death of Augustus, an experience of obscuring. Short film 14 minutes.

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la clôture
















THE CLOSING "My main occupation consisted in watching the sunlight and its coming and going on the floors, especially on the floor of the library, whose warm hues of wood seemed to echo the torpor of the midday rays. I could remain whole hours without distracting myself from this Thought in which Pascal writes that all the misfortune of men comes from the fact that they do not know how to remain in repose in a room " Short film 30 minutes.




my sad rod movie
















My sad roadmovie... 2017 "There would be so much and so much to say that we can not say " medium-length film











un été oisif
















UN ÉTÉ OISIF long métrage 1h 02
"Waving through the clouds and gaps, oscillating in the course of the movements of the curtains to the wind, moving, slowly turning, appearing and disappearing, widening and shrinking, as the hours went by, becoming lighter, sometimes warm and brilliant, sometimes cold and weary, the pure and the only light, apart from it there was nothing, no event, and nothing suited me perfectly. "