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Contenu 5

Jean-Claude Bélégou FALLOWS (1980/1983)



Waste grounds, fallow lands, both agricultural metaphors understanding the state of abandon of places that have been suddenly surrendered.
From 1980 to 1983, Jean-Claude Bélégou restarted his peregrinations in the abandonned places, fallow industrial areas and desert quays, most of them located in the port of Le Havre. The same place where he made his first photographies years before. Walking alongside canals and docks, he principally photographed Le Havre's former harbour station (abandonned since the end of liners), a former spinning factory and a the rests of a paper-paste factory situated on the Seine's valley, nearby Rouen.
Every time, a similar sensation of places brutally left behind by the logic of "the progress", as if there had been a war, left by the men. Vegetations and the wind recover there rights.

Jachères, Black and white photographies on double-weight, fiber-based paper 30 x 40 cm printed by the artist, limited editions, delivered matted, numbered and signed.