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Jean-Claude Bélégou THE GREEN SERIE (1983/1984) "It could have been a perfect day"



The cycle Visions gathers series made by Jean-Claude Bélégou between 1981 and1984.
These series are : Visions, The green serie.

Life and death are tied together. Pleasures and suffuring, happyness and disarray are two sides of the same coin.

This work also named « It could have been a perfect day » is about tragic conclusion of action, love, hope, life. We don't know weither this half naked body lying on the grass, if these eyes shutt and the clothes half tucked up are signs of love, death or abandon.
The time of reality suddenly ceased. The reality of dreams took over, where time retracts, spreads, stop, condense without no limit.

Black and white photographies on double-weight, fiber-based paper 30 x 40 cm printed by the artist, limited editions ,delivered matted, numbered and signed.