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Jean-Claude Bélégou séries en cours : THE SILENCE OF THE PONDS 2018/2019



Everything opposes the running waters to the still waters, the river brings the light, the life, one feels there breathing, almost in weightlessness, happy. Water hardly feels the flow.

In the middle of the forests, ponds are quite different, their limits are undecided, they are carpeted in depressions, the water is creepy. they are stagnant waters.

"I always find the same melancholy in front of the backwaters, writes Gaston Bachelard, a very special melancholy that has the color of a pond in the humid forest, a melancholy without oppression, pensive, slow, calm "(Water and dreams, p14 Introduction)



Tirages jet d'encre pigmentaire 60 x 60 cm réalisés par l'artiste d'après clichés numériques.