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Jean-Claude Bélégou séries en cours : ETERNITY HAS ONLY A TIME 2018/2020



As a child, buried up to my head under the sheets and blankets, I tried to represent myself, to visualize the infinite. I most often imagined it in the form of a railway ... Rigorous parallels. It must be said that the late my father drove the trains and that our windows opened on a station ...

But I understood that this image was only a ridiculous approximation. However, if I went further in my images, or tried to do it, it quickly resulted in a dizzy or dizziness and ended in a rise of anxiety resulting from the awareness of my failure, of my incapacity.

Infinity, eternity have for neighbors all these words that come from our aspiration, necessarily unhappy, to the absolute, such as beauty, freedom, justice, good, love, wisdom ...

Undoubtedly the sea gives us such an image of spatial or temporal infinity. Not only because it extends until our eyes, beyond the horizon, cannot grasp, but because it appears as a present foundation of all eternity and an invariably repeated time, that of the tides. The cliff can gradually collapse, subject to the work of water and wind, it is rock and "solid as rock" we say ... But it is the sea that always wins.

We may well disappear from the surface of the Earth and the earth the rocks and the mountains, the beasts and the plants, themselves no longer exist, nothing will be essentially altered from our planet but then impossible to think of it other than as a total ocean.

The infinity of the sea gives us an incomparable feeling of freedom, of absolute. An image of time, of space, impossible to conceive in themselves. Eternity, temporal as well as spatial infinity, are ultimately only concepts, no doubt necessary for mathematics and science (and for certain often dubious ideologies), but as for thinking of them as realities, this is probably illusions that help us to endure our finitude, but nothing beyond ...

So also is love ... And the belief that we work for eternity.

Tirages jet d'encre pigmentaire 60 x 60 cm réalisés par l'artiste d'après clichés numériques.